Forklifts are powerful material handling machines that assist a range of industries. They are designed to help workers with a range of tasks from picking up and moving material to stacking and loading. The lifting power of a forklift means the job gets done quicker and with minimal effort from workers. Forklifts make transporting heavy items like bricks, piping, wood, warehouse stock and other materials simple and easy.

However, many businesses find the cost associated with investing in a forklift daunting. Shifting markets and evolving industries requirements mean that you need adaptability in any business investment and that is what a Dirker forklift will provide.

We appreciate YOU

Dirker was born out of the idea of providing versatile and rugged all-terrain lifting solutions to support the underappreciated backbone of society. We take pride in servicing businesses that are dedicated to their craft. Many essential industries go unnoticed as the work is not glamourous, but we understand that it is hard work that supports our societies. At Dirker we provide solutions for those very industries to make their lives easier.

The team at Dirker has a range of experience in utilising and designing equipment so we understand what is required to get the job done. We also understand the impact the right piece of equipment can make to business operations. You are working hard and your machinery should be working harder.

We have taken our many years of industry experience to provide our customers with state-of-the-art modular all-terrain lifting equipment that caters to a variety of needs. We strive for constant improvement and innovation, but we can only do this because of our strong foundations. Our journey began in 1992 and we have evolved every step of the way to provide solutions to our customers’ unique challenges and requirements.

We are original equipment manufacturers

When investing in a piece of equipment you want to be sure that your supplier is reliable and provides you with great value for your money. Dirker has more than two decades of experience behind it. We are committed to offering South African value by locally designing and manufacturing our equipment to meet international standards. This means our equipment is of the highest quality and can be maintained by purchasing affordable parts from your local supplier, anywhere in the world.

At Dirker our mission is to grow profitability and market share through superior customer service, innovative quality products and customer commitment. We are committed to providing all-terrain lifting solutions to our customers that are affordable and adaptable. We have taken our years of experience to design and locally manufacture the perfect forklift for any business. The Dirker Forklift is a premade frame with a selection of attachments that you can add on based on your requirements.

Modular Design

To see an adequate return on investment from your forklift, it needs to provide you with options. Traditional forklifts do no offer the versatility that a rugged Dirker machine does.

Our modular designs allow you to capitalise on your investment through multiple usage. No matter your requirement, Dirker has an attachment to help. If your forklift only caters to one function, then this is a missed opportunity.  Through our Evolution Division, we design and create value-driven lifting solutions that are practical.

The Evolution Division has a wealth of experience, which means they can create and adapt designs to meet your particular needs. We are here to help your business evolve. Our modular stock designs can be quickly customised upon request.

Another reason to invest in a modular Dirker forklift is the affordability that our modular designs provide. If your forklift is damaged in the field, you can simply replace the affected module instead of replacing the entire unit.


A Dirker forklift is an indispensable piece of equipment to optimise your operations. However, we understand that not all businesses have the initial capital available to purchase our powerful forklifts. This is why we have established a cost-effective alternative to assist our customers – Rent-A-Dirker. We rent out our STOCK range so that your business has access to the trusted quality of a reliable Dirker but without a large initial investment.

Dirker forklifts are Africa tough from Sahara to Siberia. If you want to get it done, get a Dirker today!


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