In today’s volatile markets, industry standards and environments are perpetually changing. To maintain a competitive edge, your business needs to be backed by designs that can adapt to this change; one-type-fits-all forklifts are dead and dated, we want to introduce you to our modular forklifts.

If your business involves anything that needs to be picked up, moved, stacked or loaded, then chances are you need a forklift to optimise your operations. A forklift can be a great investment for your business when it comes to materials handling, whether you are in the agricultural sector or construction industry. However, when considering such an investment you want to be sure that you will achieve a desirable ROI. At Dirker, we utilise cutting-edge technology to adapt and provide practical and value-driven lifting solutions for your business.

Why you need a forklift

Forklifts are an indispensable resource in various industries, both outdoor and indoor. They are rugged and powerful pieces of machinery that can complete a variety of lifting and moving tasks that would typically require many people to complete. An effective forklift can bring value to your business by getting things done quicker and more efficiently. Some general benefits include:

  • Having easier access to area which otherwise might not have been accessible.
  • With increased durability optimal safety of people and a significant reduction in the risk of damage to property is ensured.
  • You will be able to manoeuvre materials in a timely manner with relative ease.

What is modular design?

Modular design, or “modularity in design”, is a specific design approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules. Modularity breaks down design elements into smaller more manageable and versatile parts. This is done so that the modules can be independently created and then used in different systems, depending on the required need. A modular system is created by designing distinct building blocks that can then be integrated to suite the customer’s specific engineering requirements. Think of our designs as a collection of building blocks that we can assemble in whichever way necessary to fit your industry requirements. This provides flexibility and efficiency.

Benefits of modular design

Modular design has many benefits but the main advantages include design flexibility, augmentation, and cost reduction. By breaking down the whole into smaller parts it is possible to modify for new requirements without influencing the main infrastructure.

If your business is considering investing in a forklift, you want the forklift to fit your needs effectively and offer you value for your investment. Our modular designs allow you to capitalise on your investment through multiple usage. If your forklift only serves one function, then it is a wasted investment. Our STOCK range is made up of premade frames that come with a variety of attachments for different scenarios. We aim to provide the best of both worlds through our modular designs. That is to say that we combine the benefit of standardisation with customisation. No matter your requirement, our STOCK range has an innovative attachment for your need. Beyond this our EVOLUTION range takes customisation one level further. Powered by the Evolution Division, Dirker Machines can take a STOCK range product and customise it to specific client-requested modifications.

Another benefit to modularity in design is affordability. Should your forklift breakdown or become damaged, you will be able to simply replace the affected module without needing to replace the entire unit. Our designs are supported by industry standard parts which provides an added level of affordability as our customers are able purchase replacement parts from their local supplier anywhere in the world.

Our Evolution Division has specifically and intentionally incorporated modularity as a direct response to deal with the challenges that shifting markets and industries require. Through modularity we are able to provide value-driven lifting solutions that are practical and can be utilised in a variety of conditions.

Dirker Designs

At Dirker we pride ourselves in providing sustainable lifting solutions that fit the needs of our customers. We know you work really hard, so we have worked harder to make your life a little easier. Through innovation and our powerful Evolution Division, we have created the ultimate forklift that can stand the test of time.

If your business is looking for unsurpassed handling, balance, durability and strength then it is time to consider getting a Dirker. Our custom designs ensure that whatever your operational need, we have a lifting solution for you.

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