Material handling equipment is an essential part of many industrial operations. With the right piece of equipment, businesses are able to optimise their operations, incorporate ease into essential tasks that would take much longer with physical labour.

One piece of equipment that has become indispensable are forklifts. However, many businesses are finding that there are a number of different types of forklifts that perform specific tasks and there is not one solution when it comes to traditional forklifts.

At Dirker, we believe in rugged agile evolution when it comes to our equipment. We take pride in providing reliable and effective material handling solutions – no matter your problem.

We are able to do this through innovation and our revolutionary modular designs. Our 3DF30 Forklift is designed to provide you with options and adaptability, which are increasingly important functionalities to have within the current competitive climate.

We have created a premade frame with attachments that can be used for a variety of scenarios. At Dirker, we are committed to supporting our hardworking customers that are the backbone of society in their respective industries.

All Dirker equipment is tried and tested on all kinds of terrain ensuring that no matter your industry, we have a product to make your business operations easier. We are backed by years of hands-on experience and industry knowledge. This knowledge allows us to provide no-nonsense designs with a focus on technological improvement. It is a direct response to deal with the challenges that shifting markets and industries require.

We seek to design and create value-driven lifting solutions that are practical and ensures your business operations are adaptable to shifting markets and challenges.

Our stock range includes the Dirker 3DF30 Forklift, which is designed to lift and load anything up to 3ton on any terrain, from the sand of the Sahara to the snow of Siberia. The Dirker Forklift is a 6 Point Rubber Mounted, 46KW engine which results in an impressive 230 NM of torque at 1600 RPM.

Beyond our stock range, we provide our customers with true adaptability through our Evolution Division. Powered by powerful design capabilities, we can quickly create and adapt our stock designs to suit the needs of our customers.

Our modular designs mean that we can easily customise the STOCK range with changes upon request. We will always place our customer’s needs first. That is why we provide relatively quick turnaround times. It is to ensure all our designs meet industry standards. You can keep your Dirker running by purchasing affordable parts from your local supplier, anywhere in the world.

Our machinery will increase your productivity and efficiency. We offer an all-terrain solution backed by power and durability. Our tough designs can assist with a variety of applications. Through our modular designs, we will help your business operation evolve further.

Here are a few of the industries we already serve:

We are dedicated to providing equipment that can help with loading, moving and storing agricultural products, no matter the terrain. We assist harvesting operations by providing versatile and rugged lifting solutions that endure all weather and all terrains.

Our equipment will help this process by offering agility and manoeuvrability, while supporting a high load capacity. Our machinery offers unmatched off-road capability, with precision handling to optimise the construction process.

Our equipment allows for the safe movement and storage of your products, no matter the weather, no matter the terrain.

Our machinery has been designed to withstand the treacherous conditions found within the Forestry industry. Moving lumber and logs is no small feat so we have designed our equipment to stand the test of time. Whether it is harvesting or general sawmill work.

Dirker is proud to assist the Mining industry by providing durable all-terrain solutions for large earthwork and construction projects. Our equipment is tried and tested to ensure maximum power against all kinds of terrains.

At Dirker, it is our mission to lift up businesses through innovative designs that go beyond the traditional and offer unsurpassed adaptability. Find out how Dirker can help optimise your business operations and increase efficiency. Need help? Get a Dirker.

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