As a proudly South African company (and the only exclusively South African owned, forklift manufacturer) we are committed to offering South African value by locally designing and manufacturing our equipment at international standards. At Dirker we pride ourselves in providing versatile and rugged all-terrain lifting solutions to support the underappreciated backbone of society. We service a variety of industries and companies, but they all have one thing in common – dedication to their craft.

One of these companies is Sovereign Food Investments Ltd. Sovereign Foods is the 4th largest poultry producer in South Africa but they are still firmly tied to their local roots in the Eastern Cape. Their history of chicken farming dates all the way back to 1948! We believe that Sovereign Foods shares our vision of superior customer service, quality products and customer commitment. Just as Dirker is committed to adding value to society through making the lives of hardworking people easier with innovation, so too is Sovereign Foods committed to being one of the biggest financial and social contributors to their region. With a Dirker lifting them up, they can continue to uplift.

Sovereign Foods recently took ownership of four locally manufactured three-wheel all-terrain forklifts from Dirker Machines in 2018.

The main reasoning behind the purchase is the fact that the machines are:

  • Locally manufactured.
  • Parts are locally available.
  • Service parts are available from reputable spare part suppliers.
  • Any future design changes can be accommodated on request as our designs are modular in nature.
  • Excellent value for money as our forklifts are tough, robust and designed with high-quality workmanship.
  • A Dirker forklift will stand the test of time. The first Dirker Machines are still working in the field. The oldest with close to 20 000 hours on the clock, some of them 24-hour shifts, doing what they were bought for, lifting our customers’ businesses under some of the toughest circumstances and terrains imaginable.

“We are here for the long haul to serve this industry very well. If you have a lifting and or loading challenge on rough terrain under dire circumstances, we are here to solve that challenge for you” says Jaco Dirker owner of Dirker Machines. “Fast,” he adds with a smile after a moment of silence.

No matter the industry, if you have something that needs to be picked up, moved, stacked or loaded, we have a solution for you. If you want to get it done, get a Dirker today!

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